Would you like to be Confirmed by our Bishop Christopher when he visits St.Mary’s on 23rd November 2014?

Confirmation completes the aspirations and prayers of Baptism. A time when the prayer for the candidate is for God to Confirm the Holy Spirit upon an individual by the laying on of the Bishop’s hands. We see this in the Bible following the baptisms of the first Christians, once baptised the apostles laid hands upon the new baptised for them to be filled with God’s Holy Spirit. St.Paul tells us that the Holy Spirit is ‘the love of God poured in to our hearts by the Holy Spirit’ (Romans 5v5). That’s why Confirmation is such a wonderful celebration of the life and love of God in the life of an individual.

If you’d like to explore being Confirmed this November then please have a word with me, without obligation.

I’m going to run two courses which will start off the process of preparation. Please see the details of our Courses called Pilgrim and Alpha Espresso; whilst here is some more information about Confirmation.