Our Services

Seeking Prayer

We all face those times of pain and sadness, challenge and fear that we don’t seek in our lives.

The support of friends and loving words help us but sometimes we can sense that extra support and strength when we know that someone is committed to praying for us, in confidence whilst earnestly lifting us up to God when we don’t know what to say.

Prayer Support

There is a team of people in the church who, privately whilst at their home, will pray for you about any matter in total confidence.  It does not involve you in being there, you simply ask and they’ll support you in prayer.  They’ll commit to pray whether that is simply by lifting your first name to God, or if you’ve offered a bit more information, then they’ll intercede a more fully for you.  It just takes a simple call and an anonymous team of prayers will be upholding you to God.   Contact us to enquire as to make a request for prayer.  Remember, this is in total confidence so, if you seek prayer for someone else, please have their permission before giving us any personal details otherwise we’re happy simply to pray with a Christian name and no further information.

Prayer Tree, Candles or Prayer Cross

If you would like prayer to be offered in our church daily prayers, either for yourself or for another person (respecting their confidence as above), there is a Prayer Tree in St.Mary’s Church in the Chapel.  You are welcome to write a prayer request on the yellow slips of paper and peg them to the tree from where they will be prayed through for the minimum duration of one month.  There are also prayer candles which you may like to light and place in the candle stand in offering your own prayer, reflection and memories to God.  At St.Francis Church there is a Prayer Wooden Cross on the wall to which you can add prayer requests which will be offered by those leading prayers at St.Francis Church.

Sunday Prayer Ministry Team

At our main Sunday morning services in St.Mary’s members of a Prayer Ministry Team will be available to pray privately with any person who would value and seek prayer for a matter of concern to them.  During the main communion service this will take place under the Tower during the time of the administration of communion. At any service whether at St.Mary, St.Faith or St.Francis you are always welcome to ask the minister or churchwardens and either they, or someone they know, can pray with you at the end of the service.

Special Services Offering Prayer For Healing And Wholeness

About four services are held in St.Mary’s Church during the year with a special focus on the offering of prayer for healing and wholeness.  They are very gentle, dignified and moving services where many people come in simply offering ourselves to God in our times of need or out of our care for others.  We might light a candle, be anointed with oil,  receive a prayer, simply be still – there is no pressure; whatever we choose to do is fine as in all these ways we seek God’s love to be with us in the challenges and changes of life’s journey.