Our Mission

Fairtrade and Ethical


Offering a range of food produce and gift items, our Traidcraft stalls are run monthly. Special orders can also be made for regular requests or special gifts. Visit the Traidcraft web site to see the range of products available, and for more information.

… and our coffee is ethical

Kingdom Coffee

When you enjoy a cup of tea or coffee, including sugar, before or after a service at St.Mary’s it has been supplied by Kingdom Coffee whose guarantee is that it comes to you both as a fairtrade and an ethical drink. In addition each cup of tea or coffee which you enjoy is backed up by a donation from Kingdom Coffee to support the work of Tearfund, ToyBox and Latin Link.

Ethical, it’s what makes Kingdom Coffee different.  Their Ethical label allows them to provide a wider range of coffees other than those available through Fairtrade, whilst continuing to reinvest a percentage of the profits back into the communities of the coffee growing regions. Ethical ensures that it is not only the coffee producers who benefit, but also those who live within the vicinity of the productive regions. Through their charitable partner Toybox, Kingdom Coffee ensure that all sides of equation benefit from reinvestment: Fairtrade for the farmers and Ethical for others. Toybox focuses upon the investment of funds into projects for street children.