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We believe that providing a safe environment for children and vulnerable adults in all church activities is of paramount importance.

All volunteers and staff who work with young people and vulnerable adults are required to sign a personal declaration, provide references and have up to date DBS (Disclosure & Barring Service) certification.  They are also required to undertake appropriate training with the Diocese of Portsmouth and receive certification at the completion of their course.  The procedures and practises of Safeguarding are managed by our Parish Safeguarding Representative, Jan Windsor (02392 588197), who is a member of the Parochial Church Council.

We work in close collaboration with the diocesan child and adult protection team led by the Diocesan Safeguarding Officer (more information at this link including guidance if you are concerned that a child or adult who may be vulnerable has been harmed and urgent action is needed).

The Parochial Church Council have a Safeguarding of Children and Vulnerable Adults Policy which is regularly reviewed, is published in our church porches and reads as follows:

Policy Statement for the Safeguarding of Children and Vulnerable Adults

Parish of Alverstoke

The following policy statement was agreed at the PCC meeting held on 10th November 2020.

As members of the PCC we commit our church community to the support, nurture, protection and safeguarding of all, especially the young and vulnerable. We recognise that our work with children, young people and adults who may be at risk is the responsibility of the whole church community and are fully committed to acting within current legislation, guidance, national frameworks and the Diocesan Safeguarding procedures.
1. We will ensure that all the necessary checks are made to promote the safe selection and recruitment of those who work with vulnerable groups, and provide the necessary supervision, support and training to them in order that they can undertake their roles effectively.
2. We will respond without delay to concerns raised about a child, young person or adult who may have been harmed, or be at risk from harm.
3. We will fully co-operate with the Diocese and appropriate statutory agencies during any investigation into abuse, including when allegations are made against a member of the church community.
4. We commit ourselves to respectful pastoral care for all children and adults to whom we minister.
5. We commit ourselves to promoting safe practice by those in positions of trust.
6. The parish adopts the guidelines of the Church of England and the Diocese.
7. Each person who works with vulnerable groups, including children, will agree to abide by these
recommendations and the guidelines established by this church.
8. We are committed to reviewing our policy annually, and as part of this, check that our parish
safeguarding procedures are up-to-date and relevant.

Our Parish Safeguarding Representative is Jan Windsor

Email: jan.windsor39 (at) gmail.com Tel: 023 92 588197 / 07743 771539

Address: 39 Kennedy Crescent, Alverstoke, Gosport PO12 2NL

The person responsible for processing DBS applications is Jan Windsor

Email: jan.windsor39 (at) gmail.com        Tel: 023 92 588197 / 07743 771539

Signed: Andrew Norris, Parish Priest

Signed: Graham Collins, Church warden

Signed: Kay Howard, Church warden

One copy for the parish records, one copy on the parish noticeboard and one copy to be sent to the Diocesan Safeguarding Administrator at Peninsular House.

Our Parish Safeguarding Representative for Children and Vulnerable Adults is:

Jan Windsor: 02392 588197