A New Parish Centre

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Can you help us build a new Parish Centre for Alverstoke?

Join us in saving the centre which is at the heart of our community. So many thousands of people have valued meeting in the Parish Centre – it is always at the centre of our village Michaelmas Fayre – and is host to a range of over 30 community groups. Let’s work to provide a centre for the future which can host many more groups for our community.

The Parish Centre has been at the heart of Alverstoke’s community for 50 years. Sadly it it worn out and needs renewing. That’s why were working hard to provide for the future.


OUR VISION   A rendition of the new centre…

Although the current centre always looks well-presented and cared for, it is in need of a major programme of refurbishment. 

Maintenance costs are starting to outstrip income, the roof leaks, the drains are crumbling, the heating system is inadequate and the building does not meet current regulations for accessibility. If we cannot raise enough money to either rebuild, extend or provide a major refurbishment, then the facility will eventually fall into disrepair, and be lost to the community.

Although the Centre is used by some St Mary’s Church groups it is Community Groups that make most use of the hall and lounge.


Currently there are thirty community groups, representing a full range of age and needs, who use the centre on a regular basis, including Mothers and Toddlers, the Multiple Sclerosis society, Cardio Vascular Rehabilitation, a Youth Group, three Womens’ Institutes, the Guiding Association, Baby & Toddlers’ to name a few. Only one room can be used at any time (as there is no soundproofing), and some potential users have been lost, as their preferred day and time had been allocated.

The Centre is the home to three Women’s Institutes, (with a combined membership of around 300) promoting social and health benefits through monthly meetings, and other functions, for women who may otherwise feel isolated within the community. Many of the members have made new friends, and joined other groups through contacts made in the centre.

The Centre provides a venue for Zumba classes, and a home for the Ballet Babes, as well as meeting the needs for the rehabilitation of those who have suffered cardio vascular episodes, and those who suffer from Multiple Sclerosis. These are just a few examples of how important this centre is to the wellbeing of different groups within our community.

Fund Raising

We’re hosting a series of fundraising events for 2021, CLICK HERE to find out more.  By the end of December 2020 we’d raised over the £110,000 and our building fund is over £300,000 in 2021!   Well done everyone! Thank you for supporting our many events and for generous ongoing gifts during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Business Sponsors

We’re so grateful for the support and sponsorship of local businesses who can be found by CLICKING HERE.

Project Progress

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