Alpha Courses

The Alpha Course

Asking those questions of life, faith and the future?
Want to consider what Christianity really is all about?
What is it they say about Jesus?


We enjoy hosting The Alpha Course in Alverstoke. 

Alpha is a very profound exploration of faith and the person of Jesus where any questions can be asked, the discussion is meaningful, great friends are made, and so many good things are shared (plus, if you prefer, you’re welcome just to sit and listen!).

We use the Alpha Film Series.

Dates of our next course in 2022 to be fixed.

Give it a try!

That was what a member of our last Alpha course said.

Alpha Courses lasting about 11 weeks are offered during the course of the year. Very relaxed and friendly, ranging in number from 10 to 20 participants. The courses are ideal for those asking ‘what is Christian faith?’ or wanting to understand more fully the faith they’ve always had. You can come and try a course without any obligation to continue or need to say a word – simply come and enjoy.  Such courses as this may also be used as good preparation for adult Baptism or Confirmation.

See what participants said about Alverstoke’s Alpha:

  • “Very good mix of meal, video and discussion”
  • “Met my expectations, explained fully background to religion and helped answer my questions”
  • “Enjoyed the company and refining my faith”
  • “It has been relevant and relational in that I have finally moved beyond doubt and duty to a loving relationship”
  • “It opens new meaning and explains faith”
  • “Informality and friendship developed as the course progressed”
  • “Meeting people who are prepared to be open and honest about where they are on their journey and who are prepared to explore the realities of faith”
  • “Give it a try”

Visit the Alpha Site to find out more about this popular course.