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The Alverstoke Trust

For the relief of need within Alverstoke Parish – can we help you?

Welcome to the official site of The Alverstoke Trust.

Charity Number 239303
Founded in 1969 The Alverstoke Trust exists to assist residents in Alverstoke Parish when they are in a time of need, hardship or distress by making small grants.  The Trust exists for all who live in the parish regardless of background or faith.  The Trustees are people who live locally nominated by both the Parochial Church Council and Gosport Borough Council.

Applications are invited for consideration by the Trustees throughout the year whilst their formal meetings take place in April and November each year.

Please note that the annual income of the Trust is modest at about £1500 whilst some eight grants are made each year in the typical range of £100 to £200 in value.

If you would like to apply please follow the steps below:

  1. To apply to the Trust please first read the extracts from the Trust deeds below to ensure that you qualify.
  2. If you feel you qualify then you are invited to contact the Clerk of the Trust by completing the enquiry box at the bottom of this page.
  3. You will receive an email from the Clerk to acknowledge your application and explain the next steps.

Please note that the Trustees do receive a number of applications each year which they deeply regret that they are not able to support with a grant because they must be guided by the deeds of the charity.

Extracts from the Trust deeds:

23. The Trustees shall apply the income of the Charity in relieving either generally or individually persons resident in the Ecclesiastical Parish of Alverstoke who are in conditions of need, hardship or distress by making grants of money or providing or paying for items, services or facilities calculated to reduce the need, hardship or distress or such persons.

In exceptional cases the Trustees may grant relief to persons otherwise eligible therefor who are resident immediately outside the said ecclesiastical parish but in the opinion of the Trustees ought nevertheless for sufficient reason to be treated as if resident therein or who are located for the time being within that ecclesiastical parish.

24. i) They shall not apply any part of the income directly in relief of rates, taxes or other public funds…

ii) They shall not commit themselves to repeat or renew the relief granted on any occasion in any case.

Click here if you’d like to see a list of the streets and buildings within Alverstoke Parish.


For people who live in Gosport.  For an application form please contact ‘The Clerk’ at kay.brent@btinternet .com.

Martin Snape House, 96 Pavillion Way, Gosport   PO12 1GE  0344 477 2232   www.citizensadvice.org.uk

Gosport based debt counselling, mentoring and management of debt plus practical money courses  www.capuk.org

ENQUIRIES TO THE CLERK are invited using the form below.

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Thank you for submitting your enquiry.  You should hear from us during the next working week.

If, for any reason, this form of contact fails for you then please phone or email St.Mary’s Alverstoke Parish Office who will be pleased to give you an alternative email address or phone number to try.