I’ve just got back from a conference where I discovered that the church in Britain is growing! I know, I didn’t believe it either! I knew it was around the world, but it is true here too and it is the Church of England we are talking about!  Soon we’ll stretch out our wings and take off!
Although Sunday worship attendance has dropped with changing work patterns and lifestyles, and those of us who come are a bit less regular, the fact is that the number of people coming to church during the week has offset the Sunday decline (like our Pilgrim or Messy Church). And more and more people are coming. In fact, because the numbers are steady but we go a bit less – it actually means that more people are worshipping in the church than a year ago (if that makes sense?)!
Anyway if you want to join in the formal CofE prayer from the CofE conference called ‘Leading your Church into Growth’ here it is…
God of Mission
Who alone brings growth to your Church,
Send your Holy Spirit to give
Vision to our planning,
Wisdom to our actions,
And power to our witness.
Help our church to grow in numbers,
In spiritual commitment to you,
And in service to our local community,
Through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.
Everyone, let’s pray it – everyday!
It will help give us the priority to love God and to love our neighbour. Andy.