Sundays 20th & 27th December with Christmas

A warm welcome to worship in

St.Mary’s ✢ St.Faith’s ✢ St.Francis’
Worship on 20th December (Advent 4):
8.00am St.Mary’s BCP Morning Prayer
Diana Dow
9.15am St.Mary’s Communion
Revd Reg Forse
9.30am St.Faith’s Communion – Love
Revd Andrew Norris & Paddy Trasler
10.45am St.Mary’s Church Alive
Carol Praise & Nativity
Revd Andrew Norris
11.15am St.Francis’ Christmas Communion
Diana Dow & Revd Reg Forse
6.30pm St.Mary’s Nine Lessons & Carols
Revd Andrew Norris

Principal Readings: Hebrews 10v5-10 & Luke 1v39-55
Worship on 27th December (Christmas 1)
8.00am St.Mary’s BCP Communion
Revd Andrew Norris
9.15am St.Mary’s Communion
Revd Andrew Norris
9.30am St.Faith’s Morning Worship – Peace
Susan Smith
No 10.45am No St.Mary’s Church Alive
11.15am St.Francis’ Morning Worship
Darren Clarke
No 6.30pm No St.Mary’s evening iNViTe

Principal Readings: 1 John 1 & John 21v19b-end

We’re delighted you’ve come. You’re very welcome here and we hope that you will simply join in as you feel comfortable. Sitting & listening, standing and singing – just as you wish. You should have been greeted with a Pew Sheet and any books needed for the service. Please ask the stewards if you need help and do take a ‘WELCOME’ booklet and a complimentary copy of our ‘Parish News’ away with you. Join us for refreshments.

Children are invited to our Christmas services dressed in your nativity costumes; especially at our Carol Praise Nativity on 20th and at the Crib Services on Christmas Eve. Let’s have lots of the characters from Jesus’ special birthday story along with sheep and donkeys!

In addition to our Sunday preaching over 3 weeks, 60 people joined midweek in Part 1 of our Leading Your Church into Growth course last September. You’ll be pleased to know that Part 2 starts in January – please come.
Thursdays in January in the Parish Centre at 7.30pm:
7th January: Our Calling – telling our story and helping people meet Jesus.
14th January: Our Journey – growing deeper as
disciples of Jesus.
21st January: Our Heart – developing worship that helps the church to grow.
Some of our Bible Fellowship Groups will also be discussing the course at their sessions. Let us pray for the Bishop and diocesan staff as they seek to roll the course out across 160 churches in the diocese in 2016.

Pilgrim will return to the Parish Centre for a Bring&Share supper on Thursday 28th January followed by 6 weeks looking at the Prayers of Jesus.
This will be our Sunday and midweek theme for Lent during which time we’ll seek to grow in prioritising prayer across our life as a church in the parish.

Some members of the parish will be attending the very inspirational Christian holiday events. Spring Harvest follows Easter at Minehead Butlins whilst New Wine is at the Bath&Wells Showground from 23rd July (Check the websites). They are both great events for adults and for families. If you are interested in going along with others then please liaise through the clergy – thank you.

Thursday 24th December – Christmas Eve
3.00pm & 4.30pm St.Mary’s Crib Services
4.00pm St.Faith’s Christingle & Crib Service
11.00pm St.Mary’s Midnight Communion
11.30pm St.Faith’s Midnight Communion
Friday 25th December – Christmas
8.00am St.Mary’s Said BCP Communion
10.00am St.Mary’s Christmas Communion

PARISH OFFICE CLOSED from 24th Dec to 4th Jan.
NEXT SUNDAY – No Church Alive or evening service

The festival enabled great blessings in God’s love to be shared with so many from far & wide in the community – thank you all so much for such a generous heart.
Rob says… By any measure this year’s Festival was a resounding success with a total of over 4000 visitors and performers.  As ever it’s success was down to the efforts of a great many people from across the Parish.  Whatever your contribution, large or small, thank you all so much for your cheerful and wholehearted support and thereby making it so successful, special and spectacular.  Rob Hamilton, Festival Chairman.

Carol expresses… Thank you to all who made the Christmas Tree Festival weekend so joyous.  The generosity of the congregation who provided such delicious cakes and the wonderful group of ladies who tirelessly worked so hard for so many hours catering in the parish centre.  I am so grateful to you all.  Carol Workman.