27th November 2016 Advent

A warm welcome to worship in

St.Mary’s ✢ St.Faith’s ✢ St.Francis’
”Clothe yourselves with the Lord Jesus Christ” Romans 13v14.
Sunday’s Worship across the Parish:
8.00am St.Mary’s Communion
Revd Andy Norris
9.15am St.Mary’s Communion
Revd Hazel O’Sullivan
9.30am St.Faith’s Morning Prayer
Libby Norris
10.45am St.Mary’s Church Alive
Revd Andy Norris
11.00am St.Luke’s Communion
Revd Ian Rutherford
11.15am St.Francis’ Worship
Libby Norris
6.30pm St.Mary’s Special Gosport Deanery
Advent Carol Service
Revd Andy Norris/ Darren Clarke
Acts 2v46: ’They devoted themselves… to fellowship…
and ate together with glad and sincere hearts’

Join us at NEW WINE HOLIDAY 2017
Have a word with Revd Chris Richardson or Clare Watson as we seek a group to camp together from 30th July at New Wine next summer. We seek a booking by 30th Nov.
Great for adults and very popular with children.

Join us for Christmas crafts, games and entertainment on the morning of Saturday 3rd December – all welcome.

in St.Mary’s. Please join us to celebrate and welcome all our guests at this significant Gosport Deanery service. Many thanks for any cakes which can be baked & shared!

The choir look forward to hosting you at 7.00pm on Sat 3rd Dec in the Parish Centre. Tickets £12 (Students £7) from the Parish Office. Please bring own drink & glasses.

PILGRIMS Bring & Share Supper
Following the 6.15pm Christmas Tree Festival Carol Singing, you’re invited to the seasonal Pilgrims’ Bring & Share supper on 8th December. From 7.30pm in the Parish Centre for seasonal food and friendship.

Remember the Advent Sheep Trail around the village shops? This year we have hidden knitted characters from the Nativity for you to find in the village shops starting from 6th December. Many thanks to the WI knitters!

Marriage enrichment courses for couples prove to be invaluable whether married for 2 or 20 years and more. Invest in your relationship at our 7 week course on Wednesday evenings from 1st February. Especially calling the ‘men’ to suggest this – don’t leave it to the woman in your life to worry about how to ask you to go! £10 per couple.
“It feels like the start of a journey not the end of a course” The Times. “It seems to work” The Guardian.

We’re about to celebrate his birthday – but who is Jesus?
Can you say who he is, why he came and what then is his purpose for you today? If not then join us in exploring these ultimate questions of faith at our next Christianity Explored Course starting on 2nd Feb 2017.
May our Lord Jesus Christ himself and God our Father… encourage your hearts and strengthen you in every good deed and word.
(2 Thessolonians 2 v 16 -17)

Take the November LEAFLET TODAY
Three key themes emerged during our special days of prayer last Lent. From this we explored Reconciliation in the Spring whilst during October we sought to grow in Thankfulness. Now, in November we’re exploring how we are best placed to serve God’s kingdom.
How would you like to serve? Please make sure you take a copy of our November leaflet: SHARING IN THE LIFE OF OUR CHURCH. It complements the congregational letter from October, thank you.

Your neighbours need you! Two Sundays to go to the Christmas Tree Festival before which we still have 100 roads in which to delver Christmas invitation cards. Can you please take street bundles of cards to deliver over the next fortnight? Why not deliver to your neighbours – or pick up a few other streets and help us cover the whole parish with a heartfelt invitation (and prayers as you go!). The cards are in ‘street’ bundles at the back of church – thank you very much indeed.

BOOKSTALLS for Christmas
Today and 18th December over coffee in St.Mary’s.

Over coffee in St.Mary’s today:
Festive Dipping Bowls – handcrafted by Debie Cathcart and Hazel Ward – perfect for your hospitality.
Special Occasion Cards, pop your donation in the box – made by Jean Payne and Sylvia Frazer.
Many thanks to all who are sharing their talents with us on behalf of the women we support in Ethiopia – £3760 so far!

Christmas Tree Festival 9-11 Dec

SPONSOR A CHRISTMAS TREE If anyone would like to sponsor and dress one or more trees in the Parish Centre please contact Sue Simpson in the Parish Office.

INSTALLING THE TREES The trees for the CTF are to be delivered at 1000 on Tuesday 6th Dec. Help is needed please to trim and install the trees in their stands between 1000 – 1200.

DECORATING THE CHRISTMAS TREES    Please note that trees are to be dressed on WEDNESDAY 7th DECEMBER – a day earlier than previously.

CHRISTMAS TREE FESTIVAL STEWARDS Our Festival Makers are the Stewards – on a rota they work hard to welcome people, guide them and keep them safe. If you can offer some time as a Steward please email  Liz Finch at lizbrightsparks@hotmail.com – thank you to the Stewards and all whose hospitality makes the festival to be so amazing in our community.

Again, it’s worshippers as Stewards who help us welcome 1000’s guests in December at the School and Uniformed organisations Carol Services. This year we want everyone to leave with a 2017 ‘You’re always welcome’ card too!
If you are able to help could you please contact petercamp@btinternet.com – thank you.

Many Thanks to those who gave generously to sponsor the new hymn player which is now being enjoyed during worship at St.Faith’s. Gifts and grants left a balance of just £24 – thank you so much for making this possible!

PARISH NEWS MAGAZINE Dec/Jan Don’t miss out on our monthly magazine (600 editions!). Order one at the Parish Office to be delivered to your home each month. The Dec edition will also extend to January, so any articles for both months by Tuesday please to the Parish Office, thank you.

The Trust exists for the relief of those in need in the parish – can we help someone you may know? The trust can make small grants (typically £100-£200) to parish residents facing time of need, hardship or distress. Please check the Alverstoke Trust page on the parish website for more details or contact the Parish Office.

DID YOU KNOW? We look forward to welcoming nearly 10,000 people who will share in our Christmas events! Please pray that they may know the peace and love of God as they celebrate with us.