‘The kingdom of heaven is like a mustard seed… when it grows it becomes a tree so that the birds come and perch in its branches’ (Matt 13v31)
Sunday’s Worship Across the Parish:
8.00am St.Mary’s BCP Communion
Revd Humphrey Prideaux
9.15am St.Mary’s Morning Prayer
Revd Andrew Norris
Anthem: O Lord I will praise thee (Jacob)
9.30am St.Faith Morning Worship – Joy
Darren Clarke
10.45am St.Mary’s Church Alive Communion
Revd Andy Norris
11.15am St.Francis’ Morning Worship
Darren Clarke
6.30pm St.Mary BCP Merbecke Communion
Revd Humphrey Prideaux
Anthem: God be in my head (Wilby)
Sunday’s Readings: Acts 16v6-10 & Matthew 13v31-35 ________________________________________

All worshippers please be sure to collect Andy’s letter from the back of church today along with a programme for the autumn.

Growing the Church – naturally!
Our Plan – Creating a strategy for growth.
Next Sunday we consider:
Our Culture – A community of invitation, welcome and hospitality.

Nearly Time for ALPHA
Who do you know who would value an invitation to Alpha?
We’re looking forward to our next Alpha Course which will commence on Wednesday 7th October from 7.30pm-9.00pm in Darcey’s Tea Room for 10 weeks. What is Christianity? Who is Jesus? Want to get to grips with understanding your faith? How can I be sure? Alpha is for you – please come along and bring a friend!

Like the mustard seed planted in today’s Gospel reading, the Church is growing. Although the challenges in the UK are tough they are not insurmountable. So how does Jesus’s church grow here? It starts with our own expectation and the culture we offer across the parish – we all make the difference. We are all therefore invited to special meetings for three sessions, Part 1 of the anglican course:
‘Leading Your Church Into Growth’. In the Parish Centre from 7.30pm on Thursdays 17th & 24th Sept and 1st October.

HARVEST OFFERINGS on 27th September
We are invited to present gifts of non perishable groceries and toiletries at Harvest. These items will be given to the local Food & Basics Bank.

To welcome Sue Smith as our new Reader. Those wishing to celebrate Sue’s appointment are invited to come to Linda Grant’s for tea and cakes/scones on Sunday 20 September at 3pm. If interested in joining us, please contact Linda 023 92 523 272 or Paddy 023 92 520 416. All welcome.

On Sunday 27 September our 11.15am Harvest Service is followed by a bring and share lunch. If further information is required, contact Joy on 92 588 520. Tinned and dried food and toiletries will be a gift to Gosport Basic Food Bank.

Details in correction of Autumn Dates leaflet… Saturday 19 September at 8.30 am in the Small Hall, Parish Centre, then on Sat 7th November.

Andy would like to hear from any adults who may be willing to prepare a couple of simple drama sketches for our stewardship services in October.

Parents who would like to find out more about preparing their Junior/Secondary aged children for communion before Confirmation are invited to chat to Libby Norris after Church Alive on 13th September or contact her on libby.norris@btinternet.com

We believe the toddlers group is very important – we wish our leaders who’ve left for paid employment every success in their new jobs. It means there is an urgent need for more volunteers to go on a rota to help Jo Fryer deliver this amazing ministry on Monday afternoons in the Parish Centre. Please have a word if you could help with this, we will process safeguarding if needed.

Two forthcoming courses – all welcome, free.
Mondays 5th, 12th & 19th October – 7.00pm
Weds 18th, 25th Nov & 2nd Dec – 9.00am
The Waterside Centre, South Street.
Each 2 hours session is designed for everyone and anyone by teaching budgeting and money
management skills – a positive impact of all.
More details on a leaflet available next week or at www.capmoneycourse.org

MICHAELMAS FAYRE – Church volunteers?
The Alverstoke village fayre organised by the church and the Rotary Club of Gosport is on 26th September. The church hosts two stalls for the fayre selling tickets along with parish promotional information. During the fayre congregational volunteers are needed both to man the stalls and to be welcoming Stewards in the open Church. Please have a word with Andy Norris for the stalls, and Peter Camp about stewarding, thanks.

Saturday 26th September in St.Mary’s at 7.00pm.

TEEN CHALLENGE at iNViTe : Divine Exchange
On 27th September we welcome a Teen Challenge team from the Midlands with their music and stories of release from drugs. Please join us at 6.30pm that day in St.Mary’s. A taster can be seen at ‘The Divine Exchange’ video on YouTube.

We have extra copies of September’s Pompey Chimes to offer to Alverstoke Junior School. A great connection. Help! Before or after a service if folk could simply compile 35 papers in a stack and remove the inserted adverts that would be amazingly helpful. Then we can offer them in class size bundles – thanks ever so much.

This ministry is essential for some 40 local teenagers. Could you become a helper on Friday nights in The Parish Centre? If you could join the team (on a rota if not every week during term) then please have a word with the clergy or with Ed & Anne Ross. Thank you. We’ll process safeguarding admins if needed.

Service of Celebration of Healing and Wholeness
Portsmouth Anglican Cathedral at 6pm on Sunday 18th October.
Everyone welcome, particularly those who work in local health services or are involved in their church’s healing ministry or prayer ministry teams.
Personal prayer will be offered and there will be light refreshments afterwards.  Diana Dow.