12th March 2017 2nd Sunday in Lent

A warm welcome to worship in

St.Mary’s ✢ St.Faith’s ✢ St.Francis’
“‘For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him” John 3v17

Sunday’s Worship across the Parish:
8.00am St.Mary’s BCP Communion
Revd Andrew Norris
9.15am St.Mary’s Morning Prayer
Revd Chris Richardson
9.30am St.Faith’s Morning Prayer & AGM
Revds Tim Watson & Andrew Norris
10.45am St.Mary’s Church Alive Communion
Revd Chris Richardson
11.15am St.Francis’ Worship
Revd Andrew Norris
6.30pm St.Mary’s Merbecke BCP Communion
Revd Chris Richardson

Rather than participate in a discussion group through the year some people prefer a season in which to study the Bible with others. Lent is just such a season with a tradition of small groups. You’d be very welcome to join one of the number of groups in the parish for the duration of Lent. Groups meet in the morning or evening on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. Please check the ‘courses’ section of the parish website for details under Bible Fellowship Groups and also Pilgrims; or have a word with Diana Dow, the clergy or parish office. You’d be very welcome for Lent.

Easter stall will be at St.Mary’s around the morning services this Sunday – please have a look. Hosted by Val & Dave McKinley.

Traidcraft Stall at St.Mary’s next Sunday morning. Milk and Dark Real Easter Eggs along with Easter Egg Hunt packs available to order (last day 19th Mar). We need a minimum order of 5 for the Easter Eggs. See the website at  www.traidcraftshop.co.uk for these and other products that we can order for you. Thank you for your support. Peter & Julie Fieldsend. traidcraftstmarys@gmail.com

Our next lunch is this Tues 14th March at 12.30pm.  Join us in this lenten season for 12.30pm in the Parish Centre. It gets full so please RSVP the office to reserve a seat. Cost is £6 on day.

Alverstoke.Men, all blokes welcome, Saturday 25th March from 9.00am at Bayside Diner. To check in contact Neil Adams at neil.adams@alverstoke.church A.Men will also enjoy a Stokes Bay Walk and Drink at The Lodge on Weds 3rd May.

SMILE – St.Mary’s Informal Ladies Evening Ladies curry night at New Bengal, 8.00pm on Saturday 1st April. All interested ladies will need to confirm a place with Charlie Adams at (smile@alverstoke.church ) by Sunday 26th of March – hope you can come.

OLDER YOUTH CELL – postponed
Regrettably the new youth cell has not taken off! So it will be postponed and may reform in the Autumn in anticipation of Confirmation preparation for 26th November.
ST.FAITH’S AGM This Sunday
Please pray for the folk at St.Faith’s with their AGM during and after the morning worship today. This is a time of transition and change at St.Faith’s which is not easy but which is hoped will afford the opportunity to work towards the future. More details can follow once the congregation have had their AGM.

St.Francis’ congregational AGM will be held during and after the morning service next Sunday 19th March, from 11.15am.

The official AGM of the parish is to be held on Tuesday 11th April at 7.00pm in St.Mary’s Church. Elections for Churchwardens, four members of the Parochial Church Council and, this year, six members to Deanery Synod will be held in the context of reports, accounts and reflection from 2016.
May our Lord Jesus Christ himself and God our Father… encourage your
hearts and strengthen you in every good deed and word. (2 Thess 2v16)

LENT APPEAL – Stop the Traffik
Such generosity means we have now raised the sums for our Africa Appeal this year and shall soon seek a new partnership for the future. But now, during Lent, we’re invited to support ‘Stop the Traffik’.
This is through the Bishop’s Lent Appeal which he has called ‘From Slavery to Freedom’. The Bishop explains in the leaflets in church why he has chosen to raise vital funds for Stop the Traffik and also to start a fund for domestic abuse locally.
Special Gift Envelopes are available in church and the bishop calls us to pray during Lent for:
those experiencing abuse at home
those who have been the victims of violence, trafficking and exploitation.
Thank you for your prayer and for your support. Further, if anyone would like to create a Stop the Traffik display or host a fundraising activity then your support would be valued, thanks.

Seeking Prayer: Parish PRAYER CHAIN
If you’d like prayer for yourself or another person by the members of our Prayer Chain who commit to intercede for you (confidentially and privately in their homes each week), then please contact Sue Stacey on 92 583167 in total confidence.

We are very grateful for the anonymous gift of flowers with which a faithful team make up posies for Mothering Sunday – thank you. Those making up the posies seek any spare greenery to be left at the back of St Mary’s on Friday 25th March.  Many thanks from Carol Workman. I’m sure Carol would also be happy to hear from anyone who’d like to join in the making of the posies!

We’d love you to join in March!
By your faith in Jesus you belong to his church – your baptism celebrates that belonging. But you can express ‘belonging’ to a local CofE congregation through our ‘Church Electoral Roll’. It even gives you a vote at the annual meetings – so why not sign up? Application Forms are at the back of church to be returned to Sue in The Parish Office. In fact you can belong to more than one Electoral Roll and don’t even have to be an ‘anglican’ as it is about this parish rather than the CofE! Application closure date is 27th March, two weeks before our Annual Parochial Church Meeting.

We’re very grateful to Marilyn Lovett and a team who have worked hard to hang our special hassocks to the back of all the pews in St.Mary’s. Thank you to all involved stitching and hooking