The Collect for Advent Sunday:
Almighty God,
as your kingdom dawns,
turn us from the darkness of sin to the
light of holiness,
that we may be ready to meet you
in our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.

1 Corinthians 1v3-9
Mark 13v24-end


Next Saturday  CHRISTMAS SUPPER & ENTERTAINMENT hosted by the Choir, our very popular Christmas supper party is on Saturday 6th December 7.00pm Parish Centre – last 10 tickets available after the 9.15am service!

Bring your friends along – enjoy the 600+ musicians!
Christmas Tree Festival help…
Would you like to decorate the Tree of Remembrance for this Centennial year? Contact Parish Office.
Can you help as a Steward? If so Tim Finch would be delighted to hear from you-
Can you bake a Cake? If so Carol Workman would be pleased to receive cakes for the festival café, thank you.
COME & SING MESSIAH Friday 12th December,
or simply listen as you share in this evening of Christmas Tree Festival celebration with popular choruses from Handel’s classic. Admission Free, retiring offering for the church. 6.45pm arrival, 7.00pm rehearsal, 8.15pm performance. Led by Paul Pilott.

The shepherds on the hillside has lost their sheep who have gone Christmas shopping in Alverstoke! They need to find them in time for Christmas so children of the schools and parish will be invited to join in our Messy Church Advent Sheep Trail. All of the local shops in Alverstoke village will hide a knitted sheep inside or in their window display and families need to go on a ‘treasure hunt’ type trail to find the names the shops have given to all the sheep! Leaflets will be a the back of church next week and out through the schools.

   It is expected that the new PA system will be working
this Sunday but we are not sure how much, if any, of the AV system will be operational. Other elements of the project, like the security camera, may delayed around our Advent and Christmas events which start this week!

Can you serve the mission of the parish as a
The PCC seeks to nominate 2 congregational members to serve the Leesland Infant & Junior Schools and one member for Alverstoke Junior School.

when we host 8 Carols Services for the Schools and Uniformed Organisations? Please contact Peter Camp.

Can you help to deliver cards to the homes of the parish, along yours and nearby streets? Cards will be available from next Sunday to be delivered in welcoming parishioners to celebrate Christmas with us.

Event at St.Mary’s for Gosport & Fareham Deaneries:
GROWING THE VISION – A Conference for All
Thursday 15th January 7.30 – 9.30pm
Venue: St Mary’s Church, Alverstoke – for all to come.
The event will be led by the Rev Charlie Peer, the Diocesan Mission Development Officer.

Will be having a Christmas card board if you wish to send one card to the church family.  Carol Service 14th December.  Christmas Communion 21 December.  To hire St.Francis building contact Kay Lancaster 92522113.

14th December at 10.15am

Would you like to receive this pew sheet in on Friday each week by email? Please email to give permission for your name to be on the mailing list.

For the new year we are seeking to strengthen the team of helpers at our very successful Friday night youth club with 30+ young people each week. If you are able to consider helping with this (on a rota) please have a word with Anne & Ed Ross or the clergy, thank you.

Explaining COFFEE at ST.MARY’S
Please stay on for refreshments after the 9.15am Communion today. It is important that their is this convenient time for fellowship and for the two morning congregations to be able meet between the services.
There are two coffee stations – one by the Font, and one at the front. There are coffee and hot water pumps for you to serve one another or self-serve. A selection of teas and decaf coffee are available for use with the hot water pumps. If a pump should run out then please alert one of the team or there is always more coffee or water at the kitchen area. Liz Finch is our coffee team leader today.
Those who would value sitting as a group please make use of the small tables and clustered chairs. There are additional folding chairs nearby which can always be used.
There is no need to rush off once the music starts at the front of church – the first piece at 10.40am is the melody of a new song (akin to the organ playing before a service). The first sung hymn (Lord Jesus Christ) is a gathering for those coming to Church Alive. All other folk in church are welcome to continue at the back with your refreshments and chatting even as the soft-start to Church Alive begins. Church Alive is very much a ‘moving’ environment so your conversation at the back will not disturb the service, so please don’t feel you need to leave until you are ready.
It is a new principle of hospitality that the drinks are served free of charge, whilst those who enjoy the breakfast foods are invited to contribute towards the ongoing cost of these – thank you because, so far, the income is just matching the costs involved.
The coffee, tea and sugar served is cost effective whilst being fairtrade and charitable.

Mon 1st: 1900 Scout Carol Service
Tue 2nd: 0930 Alverstoke Infants visit
1800 Beavers Christingle
Fri 5th: 1400 Gomer Junior Christingle
Sat 6th: 0930 Worship Band Rehearsal
Mon 8th: 1400 Funeral for Mary Buchanan
1800 Guides Carol Service
(8th-11th: Leesland Infants Carols at St.Faith’s)
Wed 10th: Christmas Tree Festival Set-up
11th-15th: Christmas Tree Festival
Mon 15th: 1700 Gomer Infants Christmas
Tue 16th: 1000 Gomer Infants Class Visit
1800 Alverstoke Junior
Wed 17th: 0930 Leesland Junior Rehearse
1330 Leesland Junior Carols
(1430 Autistic Soc.Carols at St.Francis)
Thurs 18th: 1330 Alverstoke Infants Nativity
(1900 Carol Service at St.Luke’s)
Fri 19th: 0930 Church Christmas Decorating
Sat 20th: 0930 Orchestra Rehearsal