I don’t know how the visions, dreams or pictures that the Bible describes really happen – are they glimpses of a spiritual reality of angels, are they within our subconscious?   But, I do know that when you experience something like that it brings the greatest encouragement with tears of pure delight.

Last Sunday was significant in the life of Alverstoke parish – our service times changed and ‘Church Alive’ was launched.  The following convinced me that we were joining our song to that of the angels.

Heightened emotions of anticipation at 8.00am were added to by falling to my knees in the Rector’s Study with a crisp view of St.Mary’s Church Tower.  The strangest and strongest impression overwhelmed the moment – something so tangible I wonder, was it a vision?  Whatever it was it gave such a powerful sense of an ‘angel’ giving a full trumpet blast which was comprehensive in proclaiming the glory of God’s love from the very tip of the mobile phone mast on top of the tower.  The ‘angel’ was not distinct apart from an impression of brightness, beauty and wonder.  The trumpet felt more tangible, whilst the ‘proclamation’ of Jesus to the glory of God was overwhelming.   There was such life in the moment which left me singing and praying with tears of pure delight.

It left me approaching the challenges ahead – renewed; whilst what followed at St.Mary’s that morning… unbelievable.

I was reminded of the first verse of a song by Graham Kendrick:

The trumpets sound, the angels sing
The feast is ready to begin
The gates of heaven are open wide
And Jesus welcomes you inside