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Streets and Buildings in St Mary's Parish

Abingdon Close
Admiral’s Walk
Admiralty Cottages
Alecto Road
Alvara Road
Alver Bridge View
Alvercliffe Drive
Amersham Close
Anglesey Arms Road
Anglesey Road
Anns Hill Road
(Nos 172 + & 35 +)
Arden Close
Arminers Close
Ash Burton Road
Ash Close
Atkinson Close
Avenue Court
Ballard Court
Bury Road
Bay Road
Beatty Drive
Beechcroft Road
Beech Grove
Bentham Road
Boldens Road
Bramley Gardens
Briar Close
Bricketts Terrace
Broadsands Drive
Broadsands Walk
Broderick Avenue
Browndown Road
Burney Road
Bury Close
Bury Crescent
Bury Hall Lane
Bury Road
Carlyle Road
Carnarvon Road
Cessac House,
Fort Road
Charlesbury Avenue
Charlotte Mews
Cheriton Road
Churcher Close
Churcher Walk
Church Road
Clayhall Road
Coastguard Close
Constable Close
Cottage Grove
Coward Road
Crescent Road

Crossland Close
Curtiss Gardens
Daisy Lane
Detention Centre
Diana Close
Dieppe Gardens
Dolphin Crescent
Dolphin Way
Droxford Close
Elgar Close
Ellachie Gardens
Ellachie Mews
Ellachie Road
Ewer Common
Fairthorne Gardens
Fairview Court
Fort Road
Foster Road

Gale Moor Avenue
Gilkicker Road
Gomer Lane
Gordon Road
Grays Close
Grayshott Road
Green Lane
Green Road

Halsey Close
Hamble Road
Harcourt Road
Haselworth Drive
Haslar Road
Haslar Sea Wall
Helsted Close
Herbert Road
Heston Walk
Highcliff Road
House Farm Road

Ingledene Close

Jellicoe Avenue
Jerram Close
Jessie Road

Kennedy Crescent
Kennet Close
Kingsmill Close

Ladram Road
Landon Court
Lavinia Road
Leep Lane

Leesland Road
Lennox Close
Lester Road
Levison Close
Leyland Close
Lind Close
Linden Grove
Little Anglesey Road
Little Green
Little Green Orchard
Little Lane
Lodge Gardens
Longwater Drive
Lyndhurst Road
Mabey Close
Madden Close
Martello Close
Moat Drive
Moat Walk
Monckton Road
Monroe Close
Moore Gardens
Mound Close
Mount Pleasant Road
Mulberry Close
Naismith Close
Nepean Close
Newlands Avenue
Normandy Close
Norman Road
North Close
Northcott Close
Oval Gardens

Paget Road
Palmerston Way
Park Road
Peel Cottages
Pelham Road
Penn Way
Pepys Close
Portland Drive
Privett Place
Privett Road
Pyrford Close
Rectory Close
Repton Close
Richmond Road

St. Faith’s Close
St. Francis Road
St. Helen’s Road
St. Mark’s Close
St. Mark’s Road
St. Mary’s Avenue

St. Valerie Road
Salerno Drive
Sandcroft Close
Sandford Avenue
Sandown Close
Saville Close
Selborne Gardens
Sherwin Walk
Sherwood Road
Smith Street
Solent Way
Somervell Close
South Close
Spithead Avenue
Stephenson Close
Stokes Bay Road
Sunbeam Way
Sword Close
Tebourba Drive
Testcombe Road
The Avenue
The Chase
The Haven
The Lane
The Paddock
The Redan
The Rosery
The Spur
Tintern Road
Tower Close
Tribe Road
Vectis Road
Vernon Road
Village Road
Walton Close
Walton Road
Warnford Close
Waterloo Road
Waverley Path
Western Way
Westfield Road
Westland Gardens
White Hart Road
(west side)
Whitworth Close
Whitworth Road
Wilberforce Road
Wilmott Close
Wilmott Lane
Wilton Close
Windsor Road
Woodward Close
Zetland Road