Notice of Removal to storage February 2016

We are 3 months in to our 15 month permission to experiment with removing the pews in St.Mary’s which are attached to the north Pews before and afterand south walls. There were open consultations and presentations in Spring 2015 with regard to this plan.

We expected to move a few at time but, through the kind support of ‘Ian Cameron & Sons Builders’ who’ve attended to the pew joinery this week they are now ready to be moved by the generosity of Claire at ‘First Choice Removals’ on 3rd March. Haslar Heritage are also kindly allowing the pews to be stored for safe keeping on the hospital site.
We are grateful for all this generous support.

The wonderful hassocks will be accommodated within the main pews.

If the space works in favour of the church then works to ‘make good’ the floor and decorate the walls will be carried out in 2017 following receipt of a faculty. To begin with the walls will reveal the unpainted silhouette of the pew ends on the plaster. After the faculty in 2017 the pews may at that time become available for purchase for you to enjoy.