Providing Sunday Communion
On behalf of the PCC I’d like to thank all those 50 folk who attended one of the three open meetings in February to discuss the challenges around maintaining our current 3.6 communion services on a typical Sunday. I’m also grateful to those who couldn’t get along but offered your thoughts by writing or over a chat.

Although the proposal before the Parochial Church Council on Tuesday 10th March is a simple one, it is nonetheless, a difficult and emotive one to address.

The PCC have been seeking what is the right way to reduce the number of communions per average Sunday from 3.6 to 2.6.

The proposal before them is that the weekly 9.30am service at St.Faith’s Church should alternate between communion and morning prayer; and that the weekly 8.00am Prayer Book service in St.Mary’s should also alternate between communion and morning prayer.

Both of these congregations will continue to have a weekly service in keeping with their character and liturgy, but it would not be communion each week. Taken together their sacrifice reduces our parish communions by one per week to a number which is more sustainable by our priests in this parish which has, until now, offered more weekly Sunday communion services than any other parish in the diocese.

Changing the patterns of worship to which many people have become accustomed and which are part of their routine and tradition is a big wrench for any who are impacted by that change. This is both regrettable and difficult, and so it is to your prayers that I ask you to commit this matter, especially for those weekly worshippers at 8.00am and 9.30am St.Faith’s who will be asked to embrace morning prayer in their monthly pattern alongside communion.

This discussion started at PCC in the autumn and so is not rushed. If approved the change may start in April or May. Thank you. Andrew.