How do I join the local church?

The Church of England does not have a straightforward answer except to affirm the principle that every believer who is baptised is a member of the church universal.  So, you are a ‘member’ of the church by virtue of your baptism which is kept alive by your continued faith in Christ and openness to God’s Spirit in you today.

That said, some regard Confirmation as the adult profession of faith and consequent membership of the
Church of England, with the bishop having prayed for a candidate to be ‘confirmed with the Holy Spirit’.
But, it is by virtue of your Baptism that you can sign up to be a ‘voting’ member of your local parish church by joining the Church Electoral Roll.

Join the Church Electoral Roll by Easter

This roll is the closest that any parish church has to a signed up ‘membership’ list. Technically it does only
give a member the ability to vote for members of the Parochial Church Council at our Annual Parochial
Church Meeting (on 26th April 2022). Beyond that it carries the right for baptism, marriage and a funeral in
church if a member does not already have that right which comes by virtue of living in the parish.

Legalities aside, the Electoral Roll is the only means by which the parish church has a signed up ‘spiritual’
membership of those who are committed to the mission, ministry and worship of the church in the parish.
It really is those who assume a responsibility in being the principal givers of money to the church; who will be committed to the prayer and worship of the church; who will undertake the tasks of working for the mission of the church in the parish; who, as appropriate, will step up to the Parochial Church Council, and deanery and diocesan synods; who will seek to grow in faith and discipleship through the many opportunities afforded in the parish; who will be concerned about the provision and discipleship of the young; and much more…

The Electoral Roll is open to NEW members who are invited to complete a form for both the Roll and GDPR which is to protect your data.  Either return it by mail to Pam Marsden, Electoral Roll Officer, at the Parish Office or by email to The deadline for applications is Palm Sunday 10th April but remember if you are already on the Roll you don’t need to fill in a new form.  The annual meeting will be on Tuesday 26th April at 7pm. You can find the forms here: Alverstoke Parish Electoral Roll form A4 v2 and Alverstoke Parish GDPR Form on Facebook, or pop into the Parish Office to collect them.

We are very pleased that you should wish to join up in supporting the life, ministry and mission of the church in this parish as we pursue a vision of growth in Christ for the future. Thank you for your continued support. Please see our Giving page for details of our regular Parish Giving scheme and other ways to donate.

With every blessing.

Yours sincerely,

Andy Norris
Rector, Alverstoke Parish