Our parish safety response to the pandemic


Sunday Livestreamed Service   Our 10.00am live service will be streamed from St.Mary’s and can be seen at any time after that via a link emailed each Friday in advance.

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St.Mary’s Church remains open each day from 9.00am to 3.30pm for private prayer.

St.Mary’s Church is hosting live Sunday worship.   Please adhere to all of the strict Covid-19 safety measures as you enter the church with particular heed being paid to not mingling inside or outside the church, thank you.

Our services are:

8.15am   Communion (1st/3rd/5th wks) and
Morning Prayer
(2nd/4th wks)

10.00am      Word & Worship

11.15am     Communion

Let us be a church at prayer for our community and the world…

Our priority is to keep you safe.

In all Tier levels the church has permission to host acts of worship alongside weddings and funerals.  On each occasion our priority is to keep you as safe as we can by adhering to all the Covid-19 guidelines for gatherings in church.

We’ve been pleased to host live worship when Tiers allow during the pandemic.  In this we’re grateful for the adhering to rules which has enabled our gatherings to be safe as well as profound and moving.  In hosting live worship our priority remains to keep you safe.


  • Churches can open for public worship, so long as the Covid-secure number is not exceeded, social distancing is practised and face-coverings worn.
  • Those attending cannot interact with anyone outside their household or support bubble.

Covid-19 Safety Team

A Churchwarden and the St.Mary’s Administrator/Verger are our parish Covid-19 Officers.  Please contact the Parish Office if you have any questions.


The Coronavirus pandemic has impacted every part of life.   We have worked to maintain the integrity of the life and work of the church at all stages of the pandemic in keeping with the advice of the Government in force at the time.   Throughout the pandemic we have maintained an online Magazine and also online Sunday Worship for the whole parish as key ways to keep in touch whilst also holding our community together in prayer and fellowship.  Whilst, for those not able to access online activity, our small groups networks and pastoral volunteers have kept in touch with others by phone whilst and the occasional magazines which have been safely published and distributed.

The Parochial Church Council have two Covid-19 Officers – those through whom all our risk assessments and special conditions are passed and checked to be in keeping with the law and the policy of the PCC with respect to all of our buildings and activities.

When not in the strictest lockdown we have sought to open both our church and our lettable buildings for the wider wellbeing of people in the community.  Be that in the meeting of their particular groups or clubs, or for individual prayer or worship in St.Mary’s Church.

We have worked to ensure that all our venues operate within the guidelines whilst erring on the side of caution in order to keep visitors safe to the best of our ability.

Before being open for an event each of our buildings is required to have:

  • A Covid-19 Risk Assessment (enacted with regard to numbers in the premises, social distancing, hygiene materials, notices and labelled one way systems, cleaning of seats and surfaces, track and trace information stations, wearing of masks and spare masks, stewarding etc).
  • A list of Special Conditions which apply to the use of the building.
  • Each user group must provide their own Risk Assessment for their activity in keeping with the building and in enacting the Special Conditions, especially if refreshments are to be served.

With all of these measures, when allowed, we seek to host appropriate acts of worship and prayer; or host funerals and weddings.   All of our activities have been simplified in terms of length and content.  Hence, if you would like to attend any of our published activities or Christmas Services etc (should they be allowed to go ahead), then we hope that you will feel confident to join us in the light of the measures we have taken to keep you safe.