by 14th June!

Last year 277 have joined what is called the Church Electoral Roll which is the closest we have to a ‘membership list’ in the Church of England and it lasts until 2025!   To join you don’t have to be ‘anglican’ but you do have to be baptised in any church.

The roll is open for signing up until Monday 14th June 2021.

After that time the roll is closed for the two weeks running up to our annual meeting.  This year our Annual Parochial Church Meeting is on Tuesday 29th June 2021.

So, please make the most of this moment and take our encouragement to ‘sign up’ to the church and our life and mission across this parish and in partnership with the rest of Jesus’ church across Gosport and beyond!
This is not about St.Mary’s Church alone, it is about belonging to Jesus’ church as expressed by our ministry through St.Faith’s and Leesland Neighbourhood Church, at St.Francis’ and indeed St.Luke’s, in all our home and small groups, all our ministries and celebrations.

For more explanation on our Electoral Roll & Data Protection Form to fill in and return please

Electoral Roll Form Leaflet 2021

– and don’t forget…
We never cease to give thanks for you (whether or not you join the roll!)