CAP Money CourseWe’re keen to commend the new local CAP money courses to you.

1)      New Year’s resolution :- must be in control of my money (rather than vice versa)
2)      January’s credit card bill just arrived…
3)      Even worse, so has the store card.
4)      Tell your money where to go rather than try and work out where it has been.
CAP Money Courses provide the antidote with a free Money course over either 2 or 3 sessions of 2 hours, or drop in to any session for a ‘taster’.
Dates    Monday 24th January, 1st and 8th February  1900-2100
Friday 11th and 18th March 1130 – 1330
Venue   The Waterside Centre,  South Street, Gosport.
Book by either:
The CAP website:
Phoning Kim Beazley 02392 521 391 or 07779 084288
Phoning Alex Norman  07771 680900