A New Parish Centre

Fundraising Events 2021


We’re now at the end of the design phase.  In September 2021 we hosted the community launch of the completed plans for the new centre.  Both the Mayor of Gosport and Gosport’s MP spoke of the high value of the centre for the whole town community.
One big push now to get all the funding in place and we are ready to go!
The Launch is over two days starting on 16th September which is now full, but please come on 17th.

A centre for the whole community. 

Can you join us in raising the sums?

We have over £300,000 in the bank and seek the balance towards our target of £2m.   All forms of support are invited and valued from coming along to our coffee mornings, to donations, to grants.

Support towards obtaining the grants is essential if we are to build the exciting new centre.  Thank you for all your help.


You’ll enjoy our popular coffee mornings every 4th Tuesday each month.

In the Centre from 10:00 am until 12:00 noon – £2.50 for drink and cake

Come and join us for tea, coffee, cake, chat, and more. Come with friends, make new friends, and help raise money for a new Parish Centre.

COMING UP in 2021…

 20th December – 2.00pm Christmas Tea in Parish Centre.  Ticketed.