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Partnerships with Communities in AFRICA

Striving towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals in pursuit of the love and justice of God’s Kingdom, we’re pleased to be partnering communities in Kenya until December 2020.

KENYA through CHASE Africa

The monies we raise over will be used in support of the amazing work in community health & the environment and in favour of women’s well-being, continuing the work our previous partnerships were promoting in Ethiopia and earlier in Kenya.  We hope to raise £3,500 for CHASE Africa by the end of 2020.

Find out more at CHASE Africa.

Great News – upon the visit of Henry Pomeroy to St.Mary’s in September 2019 we were able to give an early gift of £2500 to CHASE Africa!  Since then we have sent an additional £1300 in 2020.  Thank you to all the fund raisers and supporters. 

A CHASE Africa partner mobile family planning clinic in Kenya: 


Can you organise a fundraising event for this?   From selling cakes to quiz nights… Thank you.      In 2015 a sponsored run for Kenya raised over £700 – who’s up for that in 2018?  A supper raised £800 – any budding chefs out there?

If any would be willing to donate regularly by Standing Order or BACS then please pay to our special Africa account of:
St.Mary’s Alverstoke PCC (it’s at Lloyds TSB plc, Gosport)
Account Number: 01077703 Sort Code: 30-93-56
If you can please code your gift as ‘AFRICA’

Have you signed up with us so we can collect any Gift Aid?

Gifts in envelopes clearly marked ‘AFRICA’ can be offered in church or to the Parish Centre at any time.

Thank you for sharing in our Africa partnerships as one expression of God’s Kingdom.


2018-2019    GHANA through Christian Aid

We’re raising £5,000 to increase economic opportunities and well being for young and disadvantaged young people in Ghana.   Upon completion the EU will add to this making a fund of £20,000 for the partnership.

Please click here for the first news and prayer update from Ghana:  First Ghana Update 2018


By September 2017 and we raised our £5000 for women and girls in Ethiopia.  THANK YOU.


A huge thank you to all who have given, been sponsored and raised money over the past 16 months for this partnership project which has really caught our imagination and our giving – THANK YOU ALL.

Click here for the Summer 2017 newsletter about the partnership: Community Partnerships Ethiopia Summer update 2017 AW

In 2016 we described the project like this:   With Christian Aid and their partners on the ground we are supporting women and families in Ethiopia overcome the challenges they face from poverty which fuels selling girls to marriage as children followed by high maternal and child mortality. A situation of suffering, of dangerous abortion, of harmful traditional practices, of gender inequality and lack of access to family planning, health and educational services. Involving work in both churches and in mosques.

We grateful to have raised the £5000 by October 2017 which was then multiplied to £30000 by the EU. This enabled our partners to improve the circumstances and wellbeing of women and girls and release them from the dangers they face.

Check out this video on YouTube by clicking on the picture…

Please also see this Christian Aid link about this exciting new project.

Remember, we’ve got until October 2017 to raise £5000!





Changing the lives of mothers and their children in Narok County, Kenya

Our project reached its target of raising £5000 at Easter 2016.

This follows our commitment as a church to raising £5,000 over two years by 30th June 2016. The European Union will now match fund our giving by three times – turning our £5,000 into £20,000!

THANKS ever so much to those who’ve held suppers, book sales and even run & cycled a duathalon in support of the partnership.

Over the two years we’ve receive updates (posted above) from Christian Aid about the progress of our special partnership with Narok County in South West Kenya.

Child and Maternal Mortality rates in Kenya are unacceptably high.

One child in eleven dies before their fifth birthday. 90 children/1000 compared to 5/1000 in the UK. In Narok County, SW Kenya, 435 women die in childbirth for every 100,000 births compared to 8 mothers in the UK.

The reasons behind these sobering statistics are clear. Here, less than 30% of the population has access to basic maternal and child health services. Even fewer people (just 17%) actually use these services. This is because women often rely on traditional birth attendants – usually elderly women with little or no formal training – rather than go to a clinic; if there are complications; it’s too late to move them.

Our Project – has worked to provide 5 maternity wards!

Our exciting and ambitious project is revolutionising maternal healthcare in Narok County.  Check it out at Christian Aid.
Working together in conjunction with local authorities and national government, with our partners we’ve built two new maternity wards and renovated three more, as well as provided medicines, ambulances and basic medical equipment. Through our partnership, we’ve also worked with communities and leaders to ensure that women are able to access these new, improved services.

We launched our project on 6th July 2014 and had two years until 30th July 2016 to raise the sum of £5,000 to release the match funding from the European Union.

Together with our partners and in the name of the Lord we’re grateful to have shared in making a huge difference for our sisters and their children in Narok County. Please continue to pray for them as our giving transitions to a partnership in Ethiopia.
Thank you for your support.


The parish was significantly involved with Wusasa Diocese in Nigeria during this period.  A very successful 15 years through a direct link with the Bishop of Wusasa and close co-operation and visits, giving and raising of funds in support of the diocesan hospital, orphanage and agricultural development.