We soon hope to have plans and ideas to show you.

The project team are currently working towards a final design with an architect, and the preferred option is to replace the current centre with a new building that will meet the needs of the Community and Parish for the foreseeable future.

We expect to host public consultations in the Spring 2018 so everyone can see the plans, grasp the vision and help us go forward in this exciting project.

The design provides rooms of different sizes, with accessibility, catering and flexibility built in, to meet the needs of all those who may want to make use of the centre. The main hall will be large enough for badminton, exercise classes, table tennis, functions, and meetings; with smaller rooms available for meetings, and smaller social functions. All letting rooms will have access to kitchen facilities, and there will be a lift, enabling access to the upper level.

A quantity surveyor has estimated that the cost of a new building, including professional fees, will be around £1.5 million. We realise that this is a huge undertaking, but we need to plan to provide a building that can meet increasing demands for usage, and will be fit for purpose now, and into the future.

In August 2018, we will review the amount that has been raised or promised, and then assess whether we can afford to build new, or whether we need to drop back to the lesser options of extending with repairs and refurbishment, or just to carry out essential repairs and maintenance.

We need all the help we can get to provide a community centre that will provide multi-use space for the full range of user groups, for the foreseeable future.