It is with great regret that the decision has been take to cancel our festival scheduled for 10th – 13th December 2020.

This 12th Festival would have continued the tradition of bringing our wider community together in a joyful, celebratory and reflective event involving so many community groups and musical performers.  The festival also enjoys welcoming visitors from a wider area and so we are very sorry that due to covid pandemic risks and guidance this year’s festival is cancelled.

We shall look forward to hosting the Christmas Tree Festival again in 2021.


The decision to cancel was taken after much serious thought especially as the CTF involves and requires large numbers of people from across the parish and beyond to work closely together for protracted periods.  In particular tree decorating, choir performances and the volume of visitors who come into the church to enjoy the trees. By their very nature these activities do not lend themselves to social distancing.

A significant number of the festival makers and others who help out are over 70 and therefore in the ‘at risk’ group of society.

Whilst we have a well-practised programme there is a significant amount of work undertaken  in advance of sending out invitations to sponsors etc. Hence a decision to cancel cannot be taken later in the autumn as The CTF is not something that can be organised and run at the last moment.

The event takes place in an enclosed space in winter when it is thought Covid19 could be at its most virulent.

It is also felt that the CTF should not be reinstated until the following conditions are met:

Church services resumed without any distancing restrictions

Covid19 vaccines being readily available

The whole hearted support of all our festival makers.


Festival Chairman Rob says:

“Whilst I am sure that the cancellation of this year’s CTF will come as a big disappointment to many, I remain confident that in the fullness of time a safe way ahead will be found.

Stay safe,   Rob”