It is with great regret that the 2020 Michaelmas Fayre is cancelled.

The fayre was due to be held on Saturday 26th September 2020.

The planning committee are very sorry to have made this decision but it is made with the safety of the community and of all visitors and stall holders in mind due to the risks associated with the Covid-19 pandemic.

It is hoped that the 70+ stalls already booked for 2020 will be able to join in next year at our 2021 Fayre – planning for which will go ahead. 

This notice is published after all booked 2020 stallholders should have received an email with notification of cancellation.  We are sorry that the fayre cannot support you in your fundraising efforts this year but we do wish you and your organisation success.  We look forward to seeing you again in September 2021!


Any Enquiries about the Michaelmas Fayre are welcome using the contact box below.

To find out more information please send an enquiry to the Secretary and Chairman using the box below:

Enjoy a traffic free Alverstoke village for an afternoon packed with marching bands, 100 plus local organisations with stalls, plenty of food and drink, the village shops at the heart of Alverstoke, music in the church, and so much more.  A fabulous community atmosphere makes for a memorable event.  The day ends with a packed Community Concert drawing on a whole range of musicians in St.Mary’s Church from 7.00-9.00pm concluding with the wholehearted singing of ‘Not the Last Night of the Proms’.

Find the Kid’s Messy 10 Penny Fun Fete in the churchyard through the afternoon, along with music performed in St.Mary’s.

St.Mary’s Church is pleased to be a partner with Gosport Rotary Club in hosting the Fair.  Up to £20,000 is estimated to be made by the many community groups and charities which are represented allowing them to invest in their work, volunteering and activities around Gosport. Please come along and offer all the support you can give on such a worthwhile occasion when a community comes together.

In his article for the Fayre brochure the Rector wrote:

Michaelmas Fairs are a community tradition that go back to the medieval period. They can also be known as ‘Goose Fairs’ from the days of Queen Elizabeth who ate goose to celebrate the nation’s deliverance from the Armada.

Even though our current Michaelmas Fayre in Alverstoke may only be in it’s twenties, there will have been a long tradition of celebrating Michaelmas in our parish church.

The feast of St.Michael on 29th September, who is a celebrated angel in the Bible, with the associations at the end of the season’s harvest, of the nights drawing in, of farm labourers seeking winter employment, will have moved our community in celebration for many centuries past.

In that tradition let us enter in this Michaelmas Fayre on 30th September with a great community spirit by celebrating local businesses, institutions, charitable groups and organisations. Among them the Gosport Rotary Club without whom this fayre would not happen, and with whom St.Mary’s Parish Church is delighted to be associated as a partner in hosting the fayre.

From their Michaelmas services in church, the historic fairs also called out to God for safe keeping through the pending winter. This weekend the church will be keeping the annual Harvest Thanksgiving, from which place a community grateful for its blessings has always been called to express generosity of spirit to the poor. So, let’s make this to be a generous fair in supporting those who are fundraising for the many valuable charities represented here today.

Revd Andrew Norris, Rector