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Coronavirus & Weekly Pew Sheet for Sunday 15th March 2020

by andynorris

CORONAVIRUS:  IT’S GREAT TO BE TOGETHER but we’re sorry NOT to be: SHAKING HANDS/TOUCHING eg peace, blessings, prayers; no reaching out to cuddle other’s babies etc. SELF-SERVING REFRESHMENTS SHARING WINE AT COMMUNION – it is Bread only! OFFENDED if someone keeps their distance from us! COMING TO CHURCH if we have flu like symptons (though […]


by andynorris

Congratulations! We’re delighted to say that Planning Permission has now been granted for the plans to build our new Parish Centre. We’re so grateful to the Parish Centre Regeneration Team who’ve worked so hard over 5 years to bring us to this moment; thank you all – and you deserve that glass of bubbly in […]

Weekly Notices for Sunday 8th March 2020

by andynorris

_____________________________________________________ Sunday 8th  March       Lent 2 8.00am                 St.Mary’s 1662 Said Communion                               Andy Norris/Sue Smith 9.15am                 St.Mary’s Morning Prayer                               Hazel O’Sullivan 10.30am               St.Mary’s Church Alive Communion                               Andy Norris 11.15am               St.Francis’ Morning Worship                               Sue Smith 6.30pm                  St.Mary’s 1662 Merbeck Choral Communion                               Andy Norris Thurs 12th            St.Faith’s Communion                                  Tim Watson/Erica Wilkie […]