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Weekly Pew Sheet for Sunday 17th November 2019

by andynorris

_____________________________________________________ Worship across the Parish:    2 before Advent 8.00am St.Mary’s 1662 Said Morning Prayer Paddy Trasler 9.15am St.Mary’s Communion Hazel O’Sullivan 10.30am St.Mary’s Church Alive Andy Norris 11.15am St.Francis’ Morning Worship Paddy Trasler 12.30pm St.Mary’s Baptism 6.30pm St.Mary’s 1662 Evensong Tim Sharman Thurs 10.00am St.Faith’s Communion  Tim Watson ______________________________________________________________ In two weeks, get your […]

Weekly Pew Sheet Sunday 10th November 2019

by andynorris

_____________________________________________________ Worship across the Parish:    Remembrance 8.00am St.Mary’s 1662 Said Communion Reg Forse No 9.15am 10.30am St.Mary’s Remembrance Service Andy Norris No 10.45am 10.45am St.Francis’ Remembrance Commemoration 1.15am St.Francis’ Morning Worship Darren Clarke 6.30pm St.Mary’s 1662 Merbecke Choral Communion Andy Norris Thurs 10.00am St.Faith’s Communion  Andy Norris ________________________________________________________ REMEMBRANCE SUNDAY TIME CHANGES Sunday 10th […]

Weekly Notices for Sunday 3rd November 2019

by andynorris

_____________________________________________________ Worship across the Parish:   All Saints Sunday 8.00am St.Mary’s Said 1662 Morning Prayer Diana Dow 9.15am St.Mary’s Communion Reg Forse 10.45am St.Mary’s Church Alive Libby Norris/Reg Forse 11.15am St.Francis’ Communion Andy Norris 12.30pm St.Mary’s Baptism Andy Norris 6.30pm St.Mary’s All Saints Bereavement Service Steve Dent/Andy Norris Thurs 10.00am St.Faith’s Communion   Tim Watson […]