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Weekly Pew Sheet for Easter Sunday 21st April 2019

by andynorris

_____________________________________________________ Worship across the Parish:    EASTER 8.00am St.Mary’s BCP Said Communion Andy Norris No 9.15am 10.00am St.Mary’s Easter Communion Chris Richardson/Andy Norris No 10.45am 11.15am St.Francis’ Easter Communion Phil Hiscock 6.30pm St.Mary’s Easter Readings & Hymns of Praise Chris Richardson Thurs 10.00am St.Faith’s Thursday Communion  Tim Watson ____________________________________________ EASTER SUNDAY at 10.00am  (no 9.15 […]

Holy Week and Easter Services

by andynorris

____________________________________________ HOLY WEEK Thursday 18th April Maundy Thursday  Communion for Maundy Thursday 10.00am in St.Faith’s ‘Upper Room’ Last Supper communion service                                             at 7.00pm in St.Francis Church; all parishioners welcome. ‘Watch & Pray’ Quiet […]

Weekly Notices for Sunday 14th April 2019

by andynorris

Sunday 14th April 2019 “‘Blessed is the king who comes in the name of the Lord!’”    Luke 19v38 St.Mary’s ✢ St.Faith’s ✢ St.Francis’✢ St.Luke’s _____________________________________________________ Worship across the Parish:    Palm Sunday 8.00am St.Mary’s BCP Said Communion Andy Norris 9.15am St.Mary’s Morning Prayer Chris Richardson 10.45am St.Mary’s Church Alive Communion Chris Richardson 11.15am St.Francis’ […]

Weekly Pew Sheet for Sunday 7th April 2019

by Chris Richardson

Thank you so much to all who’ve raised money and given to our Africa Partnerships. Your ongoing support for Christian Aid in Ghana and of CHASE Africa in Kenya is wonderful. We’ve now raised the balance of £2,500 for Christian Aid (total £5,000) and so we look forward to welcoming Christian Aid’s Stephen Dominy to […]